High Performance Injectors


Triplet Diesel Injection – Waco offers a common rail injector custom built to your application or desire. We offer a quality built injector manufactured using new Bosch parts utilizing purpose built performance nozzles. We build these injectors for no-nonsense work trucks for the customer who doesn’t have the time for unscheduled break downs. Over the years we have learned the limitations and weaknesses of all brands of diesel pickup trucks and have found a surprisingly simple combination that produces a reliable work truck that you can make a living with without breakdowns and is the most affordable combination.

The key is to keep it simple! Too many modifications is expensive and complicated…more complications leads to more breakdowns.

  1. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING: The electrical modifications that are needed for this will cause a lot of problems that will end up costing a lot of money. All these systems work together and share information. It is also illegal and will devastate the resale value of your truck, especially if nothing works anymore and nobody can seem to fix it.
  2. DO NOT RUN PROGRAMMERS: The fuel maps use advanced timing and obscene amounts of fuel causing skyrocketing piston temperatures and eventual engine failure. All of this costing you more money!
  3. RUN THE STOCK AIR BOX AND FILTER: The stock filter box draws air from in front of the radiator where the coolest air is available. Most aftermarket air cleaners draw air from under the hood at 200 degrees plus. High flow filters do not filter air well enough. Research has shown reduced horsepower and piston damage can occur from the heat and dusting of the engine.
  4. INSTALL OUR 30% OVER MONGOOSE PERFORMANCE COMMON RAIL INJECTORS: This upgrade causes no damage and does it mechanically instead of electronically. No fancy lift pumps, no fancy air box, no programmers, no melted pistons, no complications and most importantly…no breakdowns. These injectors are reliable and unlike others, have 12 month warranty and only produce extra fuel at full load. Under light load these injectors only deliver stock fuel, delivering the best fuel mileage when truck is unloaded.
  5. INSTALL HIGH PERFORMANCE TURBO CHARGER: This is a nice match to our 30% over Mongoose performance injector and gives you approximately 10% more air volume, not too much and not too little. The billet compressor wheel we use has a smaller diameter cross section allowing more air volume without machining the compressor housing larger. It also allows quicker spooling up by decreasing mass and not increasing the outside diameter profile. This makes for a less expensive and stronger modification. New cartridges are always used for these applications, assuring you reliability.