High Performance Turbochargers

If you’ve been reading our website, I’m sure you’re getting the idea that we don’t approve of or condone the destruction of diesel engines by over fueling an engine not designed to deal with the extra heat and overload of the engine and drive train components. While realizing that there are plenty of people who want to go fast at any cost and really don’t care what I think, the majority of customers I talk to want better fuel mileage and efficiency and had no idea they might be damaging their hugely expensive engines.  So… the question we get is; How can I get better mileage out of your engine without damaging the engine or removing emission equipment (EGR, DPF) that gets us in trouble with the EPA and could get us fined with hugh penalties? One word…Turbochargers!!! (Or is that two words!?!)

The one thing we can modify on these engines that won’t damage anything is the turbocharger. By increasing the size and CFM of the compressor wheel we can pack in more air in the engine without increasing the fuel volume (remember we’re trying to save on that stuff) so we are not increasing heat, we’re not damaging pistons, we’re not removing the exhaust treatment, the EGR and Big Brother is not on your case!

Remember what I said about the air cleaner? It is imperative that you run the stock air cleaner box and filter that draw in clean cool air from in front of the radiator like it was designed from the factory. No expensive under-the-hood modifications needed. They look cool but actually decrease efficiency because of drawing hot air in from under the hood that comes out of the radiator and the high-flow filters damage the engine because of dirt entry into the engine, damaging piston rings and bores. But you knew that!

At Triplet Diesel Injection-Waco, we can provide you with turbochargers pre-modified or we can modify your existing turbo. We can also evaluate and install these turbos in our shop to make sure that everything in your engine is tuned specifically to get better mileage and efficiency. And most importantly your engine will last much longer and be legal at the inspection station.