Why Triplet Rebuilt Injectors?

So, what’s so good about common rail injectors rebuilt by Triplet Diesel Injection? One word…Quality! We like to say that the life expectancy of a common rail injector is 200,000 to 300,000 miles. They last that long because they are new. The only way you will get that kind of life out of a rebuilt injector is if they are new, too. When we rebuild our injectors, every single injector nozzle and valve assembly is replaced every time with new Bosch parts. We don’t even look at the old ones, we trash them.

If you buy injectors with re-used nozzles and valves, there is going to be wear in those parts, even if they are serviceable there is no way they will last another 200,000 miles. Do the math and you will find our injectors are well worth the money in the areas of injector life, engine life and total truck life. If you keep your injectors sharp, clean filters and stock horsepower, there is no reason not to drive your truck 600,000 to 1,000,000 miles. It’s all about what you want. If you are going to sell your truck in the next 50,000 miles, then a less expensive aftermarket injector might make sense for you.

At Triplet Diesel Injection-Waco, we have never built an injector, pump or turbocharger with the intent of getting through the warranty period. We build them to last the life of your vehicle.

Another reason to consider in your decision making process is the fact that we are your factory authorized outlet for Bosch remanufactured injectors. Bosch is the original equipment manufacturer of the injectors for your vehicle when it was new.

Still not sure? Check out these two links from Bosch. You will find us in the Dealer Locator of the websites.

Common Rail Warranty

Standard Bosch parts warranty is 12 months. At Triplet Diesel Injection we offer 24 months warranty on our common rail injectors to prove to you how confident we are in the quality of our injectors-unlimited mileage. Keep in mind that programmers, water or dirt contamination, and any abuse will void your warranty.