Truck Shop


When you look for a diesel shop to work on your diesel pickup or diesel car you can do no better than going to a shop that also has the capability to rebuild the individual diesel components such as injectors, injection pumps and turbochargers. At Triplet Diesel Injection, our intimate knowledge of these components gives us a distinct advantage when we diagnose your vehicle.

The fact that we have people on staff that know exactly how each part works eliminates the replacing of parts by mistake. We don’t throw parts at a symptom hoping to get lucky and we don’t have to sub out testing and rebuild of components. We also pride ourselves at finding the actual cause of the problem to prevent a repeat failure. Nothing is more heart breaking than replacing an expensive set of injectors or an injection pump just to have it fail again a week later because the cause of failure was missed.

Finding the problem the first time, and accurate failure analysis makes us the least expensive shop to do business with. We can also educate you on proper maintenance procedures to help eliminate the need for our services in the first place.

At Triplet Diesel Injection we have a full service truck shop. Only factory scanners are used for full diagnostic capability including Ford NGS, Ford Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS), Dodge DRB III, Dodge Starmobile, Dodge Witcch, GM Tech I, GM Tech II, MPSI, Cummins Insite, Service Max (IH) and many other types of specialty diagnostic tools. We work primarily on diesel pickups, cars, mid-range trucks, AG and industrial engines.

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