Heinz Balancing Machine

When you think of Turbocharger repair and replacement, think of Triplet Diesel Injection-Waco. Triplet Diesel Injection sells and rebuilds more turbos than any other diesel or turbocharger shop in Central Texas. We carry new and rebuilt turbos in stock if time is a problem, or we offer one day service, in most cases, to rebuild your turbocharger and save you money. All our work is done in house by trained turbocharger technicians. All of our turbochargers are fully balanced in house on a Heinz TC3 Balancing Machine.

Center housing/hub rotating assembly (CHRA)

What is a CHRA or Cartridge?

The center hub rotating assembly (CHRA) houses the shaft that connects the compressor impeller and turbine. It also must contain a bearing system to suspend the shaft, allowing it to rotate at very high speed with minimal friction. For instance, in automotive applications the CHRA typically uses a thrust bearing or ball bearing lubricated by a constant supply of pressurized engine oil. The CHRA may also be considered “water-cooled” by having an entry and exit point for engine coolant. Water-cooled models use engine coolant to keep lubricating oil cooler, avoiding possible oil coking (destructive distillation of engine oil) from the extreme heat in the turbine. The development of air-foil bearings removed this risk.