2007-2012 DODGE 6.7 MONGOOSE 0986435518+


0986435518 MONGOOSE

Mongoose Performance Products is proud to release our new high performance injectors.  Here is what you should expect out of a set of our injectors.  Every set of injectors are built in a clean room using new valves and nozzles.  We do not use extruded nozzles due to the inconsistent sizes of the spray pattern.  We test every set of injectors on our Bosch 815 test stand to ensure that each and every injector is built and performs the way that it is suppose to.

Mongoose High Performance Injectors have just raised the bar on how a high performance injector should be built.  We use only the highest quality parts and no short cuts are taken.  Our injectors come with new copper crush washers and o-rings so they are ready to be installed.  When replacing the injectors in a Dodge, we recommend replacing the injector high pressure connecting tubes to avoid new injector contamination.  This can be very costly.  These high pressure connecting tubes contain an edge filter and are the last place debris can get caught before it gets into your injectors.  The most common failure we see with injectors is contamination in the fuel system.  This problem is most commonly related to injector connecting tubes, not using OEM fuel filters, and water contamination. We carry the high pressure tubes and can ship them out with your injectors.

Each injector has a $150 core charge and is fully refundable if they are shipped back within 60 days of purchase.

Our +30% and +60% Mongoose High Performance Injectors are covered by a one year warranty.  Our +100% injectors come with a 90 day warranty.  If you do not see the application your are looking for, don’t worry Mongoose will be releasing more products very soon!

Mongoose High Performance Injectors are for off-road and race use only.  By installing these injectors you understand the risk and know that your truck is not designed to perform or last with the amount of horse power and torque that these injectors are going to create.  Our +100% injectors are made when ordered, and are designed for drag race and/or tractor pull application only!  Do not put these in a regular pickup, you will break something!

If you are looking for a stock application injector with a 2 year warranty, please call us at (254)753-1114.


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Weight 1 lbs
Increased HP

+100% (RACE ONLY), +30%, +60%